Content Marketing

In today’s business world great content marketing makes all of the difference.

Content marketing is critical for modern business survival, and if you do it right you’ll not only grow your business, but you’ll also become a trusted thought leader in the process of creating valuable, relevant content to attract, acquire, and engage the audience.

So if you’re thinking about planning out your content marketing strategy, and as you’re thinking about content marketing, make sure that these seven elements are present:

1. Your content marketing should tell a continuous story. 

Your content marketing is based on interactions with your buyers, so you should be creating content that is relevant to what your buyers want to hear and what they’re searching for.

2. Content marketing engages individuals on their own terms.

This means being available and being relevant where your audience lives, so that’s that concept of multichannel, multidevice. 

3. Your content should tell not only your business story but also the story of your customers.

It really does have to be a story. It has to be a narrative that’s interesting and engaging. Make sure that content marketing is the right fit for your channels. 

4. You need to create different types of content for different channels.

One type of content that’s great for your social media channel might not be right for email marketing or a paid program that you’re doing. Make sure that the content that you’re creating is you think about being channel-specific.

5. Your content has a clear purpose.

This means that all content that you create should have a goal, should have a purpose in mind. You’re creating content for thought leadership, brand awareness, lead generation, all of these things. Make sure it has a purpose.

5. Your content marketing has pre-defined metrics.

You should be creating content with end goals in mind, whether that’s x amount of new customers, maybe it’s new followers on your social networks. Whatever your pre-defined metrics should be, make sure you determine those before you go in and actually create that content. 

7. Content marketing is almost always evergreen.

This means keep in mind your entire lifecycle when you think about your different content. Content should last months, content should last years. It’s not totally