5I: Inspiration, Idea, Image, Innovation, Insight.

The creative brand strategist will lead the strategy of our new working model. 

The Creative Strategist is able to outline different creative marketing activities according to the objectives: increase the perceived reputation of a brand (Awareness), engage people because they perform an action (Engagement), convert the target from passive to active through a concrete action, like a sale (Conversion).

He will be responsible to push the overall creative output forward by identifying the strongest consumer insights that serve as a springboard for award winning ideas. S/he will create presentations that sell our creative product in the most convincing way. 

I connect the dots and see a picture.


It is necessary to have a good knowledge of the brand, to understand who the target is, its digital habits and which are touch points. Analyze what activities competitors have done to create activities that work. Find an insight, a concept that guides creativity.


It’s time to create! The creative idea is developed: it will have to be an original concept and will represent the common thread of the entire communication project. Communication must be consistent with the brand and with the activity we want to promote, be declinable on all the communication channels we use and speak correctly to our target audience.


Capturing attention and provoking emotions allows us to establish relationships and increase customer loyalty. Consumers choose the Brands they feel ethically close to and represent them from a value point of view. For these reasons the Visual allows customers to be involved and in this the images take on a fundamental role.


To amplify our activity we carefully choose which digital activities to activate, social channels to use, technology, tone of voice, formats, and related processes to be integrated in the communication plan and media plan.


This time we are not talking about intuition, but of Data and Analysis. Every strategy needs to be measured to monitor the progress of our communication and our campaign and produce reports with data and goals achieved.

Creative Strategist, a great strategy requires creativity.

They are professionals who work to identify the public for a marketing campaign and the strategy to achieve.

The Creative Strategists together with Creative Directors are part of a team with different responsibilities, the latter working to transform strategies into reality.

He is experts in thinking outside the box to elaborate media plans to reach the widest possible audience or to reach a specific type of audience. I am also able to come up with ideas to achieve customer needs by developing strategies on a variety of media such as television, radio or on the net, to spread the content and manage the client’s budget.

The Strategists use their skills to implement strategies with clients and team members and develop a plan that uses a variety of multimedia platforms and be able to interpret customer briefs and media centers to transform them into creative proposals.

The Creative Strategist is the one who manages to have the creative ability to identify a path or communication solutions in an original and not obvious way and at the same time apply to a strategy that can realize the objectives.

Creativity understood as forma mentis with a great capacity for problem solving and team coordination in order to simplify the creation of creative and innovative activities.

The strategy based on numbers, on constant research and updating in the digital field, on curiosity in finding new solutions and always experimenting.

Job responsibilities include:

  • Having a broad knowledge of the client and his needs.
  • Working with the various teams to support the client.
  • Working on the brief and defining strategies.
  • Use search and data for sales strategies.
  • Analyze new data to update project status.