About Me

The best marketing starts with a really smart brand strategy.

I was born in Naples in 1977, under the sign of Pisces.
Creative Strategist with the innate passion for all that is digital from which flows the insane passion for this work.

 I’m a weird dude with a real passion for the beard.

I live in Milan, Italy and I do what I like!

Creative Strategy, Digital Marketing, Digital PR, Project Management, Content Creation, Entertainment, Advertising, Innovation Technology, New Media and much goodwill.

My creative approach brings together awesome contents and captivating visual imagery going to introduce a new on line experience.

The digital world is an environment in which people are informed, they spend time, socialize, work, have fun and express themselves. It incorporates engaging, useful, and interesting experiences, features methods and applications that are technologically feasible and economically viable.

I have an analytical but at the same time creative mind.

Curious and with a lot of initiative, combined with a strong propensity for team work, creative work and the construction of the brief.

Able to easily disentangle myself between numbers, research, trends, facts and evidence by transforming the “data” into useful insights for the creative process and structuring strategies through the creation of effective and impactful documents.

Connoisseur and also user of social platforms, able to understand the constant evolutions and then take advantage of scenarios, analyze and understand the target and build appropriate strategies for personas.